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Entertainment Places and Parks :

Children's Park

welcome-imgChildren visiting Yelagiri are sure to have a great time, thanks to the well equipped Children's park that is spread across a 6 acre stretch of land near and around the lake. A well-laid out park with fountains, gardens, artificial falls, a green house nursery, rock gardens, indoor games and a host of other activities provides for an active as well as delightful time.

The Children's Park at Yelagiri ensures that children are never left out of the action, even if their parents choose more passive forms of unwinding or destressing. The cool weather and the greenery around, the play equipment and the presence of other kids from a similar age group - children need no further invitation to have fun.

The Lake trail starts towards the left side of Boat House from near the park, goes around the lake and ends on the other side of the Park. Along the trail there is a bridge that goes above the Lake from where you can see a lots of fish feeding.

On the trail there is plenty of greenery, benches to sit and have leisure. Also there is a tall Tree House Watch tower just in front of Rhythms Resort on the trail which gives a bird's eye view of the lake and the park.
Cascade : The artificial cascade or the waterfall is a big attraction here as it offers bathing facility. A great place for the young one's with variety of amusement equipment.
Children’s Park : A great place for the young one’s with variety of amusement equipment.


Musical Fountainwelcome-img

A big draw in the park is a musical fountain with multi colour lighting.

The water of the fountain dancing to the popular numbers is an entertaining experience. The timing of the fountain is around 7 but during rains it won't play. There is an entry fees for viewing the musical fountain.


Fish Aquarium

welcome-imgThe Aquarium has varieties of Fishes and tortoises

  • The seasonal garden
  • Bamboo house 
  • Poly house
  • Green house
  • Cafeteria 
  • Cultural Hall

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